Charlie Caper, Magician & Street Performer

Trade Show Magic


Charlie will transform your trade show stand into an event and attendees will tell their friends to come and have a look at your stand.

tradeshow2big.jpgYou will have a constant flow of people, with a smile on their face, a positive attitude towards you, and a basic knowledge of your product.

We have designed a very specific strategy involving your corporate identity, product and core messages that ties the above tightly to a show the audience will remember for a very long time. In fact this integration makes it impossible to talk about the show without mentioning the name of your company.

tradeshowpic.jpgHaving a background as a street performer means Charlie is one of very few magician experts at gathering crowds. He has performed literally thousands of shows all over the world that started with not a single person in the audience and ended with a big cheering crowd.