Charlie Caper, Magician & Street Performer



"Commonly regarded as one of the best street magicians on this planet Charlie will leave your jaw hanging for his full show. In a magic-off between Harry Potter and Charlie Caper we would put our money on Harry... but only just."

2008, The organisers of Street Performance World Championships


"Caper's performances featured high-level skills and great magic, along with lots of interaction and comedy and an excellent running gag."

2009, Wayne N. Kawamoto Editor,


"It is almost a pity that you haven't been here at Lindab Oslo after the trade show. It has been raining compliments over you Charlie. Great work!"

2008, Elisabeth Carlson - Market Coordinator, Lindab AS


"I'm not quite sure which of Charlie Caper's feats is more impressive - the fact that he can produce a full can of Coke from his shoe, or that he can fasten a bowtie in two seconds flat ... But for all his magnificent illusions, it's Caper's crowd-pleasing wit that seals the deal."

2008, Peter Crawley - The Irish Times, 13/06-2008 in the Entertainment Section


"Charlie Caper is by far the most talented magician we have seen in over 25 years of traveling the globe. His relaxed style, masterful technique, and easy relationship with the audience is exactly what every performer should aim for, and what every client would be blessed to hire."

2007, Barry Friedman & Daniel Holzman - Showbiz legends Raspyni Brothers


"Men should dress like this. Always."

2007, Arsheen of fashion site Fashion Filosofy in article about Charlies dress style.


I think your magic is fantastic and you provided great entertainment for our customers. I would recommend you to anyone.

2002, Angela Langford - Marketing Manager, Ladbrokes


" unbelievably charming magician wearing bowtie who can make melons
appear in his hat. "

2006, Jon Wahlqvist, review in Swedish newspaper Arbetarbladet of variety show "JW & Friends"


[acts]...performed with skill, accuracy and moments of tension that does not leave much else to wish for. But then it is a well trained and merited ensemble, that has opened opportunities for outstanding careers on the stages."

2006, Stefan Andersson, review in Swedish newspaper Gefle Dagblad of variety show "JW & Friends"


We were so delighted - you were amazing, terribly professional, great fun and a good sport for staying so long. We will have no hesitation in recommending you.

2003, Annabelle Cornelius - Western Heritable Investment Co Ltd


"A pleasure to work with and fantastically fun, skilled entertainment...definitely a surprise hit at the Street Performance World Championship"

2007, Conor McCarthy - Street Performance World Championships wanted a quote for your promo. Let me know what you want and I will come up with a super dooper quote. I think your show is gorgeous. You rock my box!

2006, Emma McIntosh - director of The Fringe Lounge Variety Show


"...the magician Charlie Caper who posseses at least as much charm as the main act."

2007, Kristian Ekenberg, review in newspaper Arbetarbladet of a show where Charlie was warmup act


"And how good was Charlie Caper? The tricks were mind boggling. Before my eyes he uncrushed a can, and it was suddennly refilled with coke!??
Oh how I have wasted my life!!

2008, Déan in her blog,after seeing me at SPWC


"Our favorite [in the Street Performeance World Championships], however, was Charlie Caper, a charming and hilarious magician from Sweden."

2008, Jen, Josh, and Nolin in their blog,after seeing me at SPWC