Charlie Caper, Magician & Street Performer

April 29 - June 4, 2009 - Poland

I went with the theatre school I've been studying with to Sopot in Poland where we performed a clown show together. It was really interesting to do something that's not magic related in front of an audience, and I was impressed with the whole class on how good it went. I also pulled of a few magic shows of my own and had an all round great time.

29-31 Oct - 2008, Norway

I was booked for another multi-day tradeshow with Lindab in Oslo at a huge trade fair. My job was attracting large crowds into the company stand and entertaining them while tying into the products. I had deviced a new trick using aerodynamics which tied in to a new product Lindab has and doing new material made me a bit nervous. All in all it was really nice and I got to work with another wonderful Lindab Team. Thanks for making me feel so welcome. Afterwards my contact at Lindab Elizabeth sent me an email with:

It is almost a pity that you haven't been here at Lindab Oslo after the trade show. It has been raining compliments over you Charlie. Great work!

20 Sept, Lund - Sweden

At Lunds classic event Kulturnatten, LKF hired me to perform. We set up lighting and a small sound system behind the station. I was a little bit worried since there was not a good flow of people but in the end experience from thousands of shows paid off. I decided to start the show 100 metres away from our stage and gathered people there. I then convinced them to follow me to the stage and make lots of noise there to attract people far away. The plan worked and my client was very impressed. He said noone in previous years had even come close to making a big show in that spot happen. Yeah!

Early Sept 2008, Reykjavik - Iceland

Passing through Iceland to say hello to my friend Lee Nelson I did some shows in Reykjavik. And Lee took me out into the Mordor-like countryside to pick blueberries where the european and american tectonic plates crash into each other. I made a wicked blueberry pie.

August 2008, Toronto, Canada

I was in Canada for the Toronto Buskerfest and had a lovely time hanging out with old friends and new. I met Alakazam for the first time despite us both hearing about each other for a long time and he was a really nice guy. I also got to see great swing musician Big Rude Jake play twice at the Reservoir Lounge, an amazing jazz club and that was the icing on the cake.

August 2008, Gothenburgh, Sweden

With my good friend Johan Wellton I co-produced the festival event Varietégatan as part of Gothenburghs Kulturkalas. We invited amazing street performers Space Cowboy, Tallullah, Ozstars and Big Ass BBQ as well as performing ourselves. It was a great success and we hope to do it again next year if we have time.

August - 2008, Edinburgh Fringe

Returning for the fourth time to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the friends and madcaps that abound there was a true joy. I did shows, drank beer and plainly felt at home. It is love!

July 25, Helsingborgsfestivalen - Sweden

This was an extremely fun festival to work because of all the friends that were there. Tin Josefsdotter was organising. Johan Wellton and Malin Nilsson were both performing. And I got to do a show in a big tent with piano player Singe Magnusson. This was the first time I worked with a live musician where I really used it and I got so much comedy out of it and the interaction with Singe was pure magic. Great stuff!

July 2008, Linz - Austria

It was with great joy I travelled to Linz through Vienna for the Pflasterspektakel, and my expectations were not let down. The highlights include seeing Rumple do a late night multi-hour show, hanging out with Andrew Elliott, Jonathan and Leopardman and walking into a cirkus tent for a sound check only to bump into Faela, a band from my home town Malmö. I really hope to go back again.

June 2008, Dundas Buskerfest - Canada

canada.gifDundas Buskerfest in Ontario is a treat of a festival. It would have been perfect if it wasn't for the sweltering, brain melting heat. But good times were had with Magic Brian and Anne and lots of new friends


sweden.gifVäxjö culture day was a lovely afternoon and I did a big show in the city centre. I also got to see Trix do their tricks and Sirqus Alfon perform their lovely, high energy quirk and damn they are good.

Spwc 2008


I am one of three people to be invited more than once to the Street Performance World Championship and boy was it worth it. I did the biggest shows of my life and had incredible times. I'm already longing for the third time which will hopefully be in a few years.

Salong Giraff

sweden.gifI was asked back to perform at Swedish variety show Salong Giraff and got to be in a show with some amazing acts. Juggler Jay Gilligan, clown Red Basterd, charmer Ambrose and dancers from the opera. Pic or video coming up soon.

Nordbygg 2008

sweden.gifI have just worked a stand at Scandinavias largest trade show - Nordbygg. Eight shows a day for four days attracting people to Lindab's stand. Among the people laughing and going wow was Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of IKEA, one of the three richest men in the world.


sweden.gifI was employed by the Swedish College of Dance to teach and direct their students of circus arts for a week.

Late December 2007, Australia

My ex girlfriend Sofia from Sweden moved to Sydney a few months ago for a phd in history. I met up with her in Sydney and we celebrated christmas together. Wonderful to be able to have christmas with someone I'm close to while being on the other side of the world.

After that I had New Years in Melbourne with Nick, Ulla, Paddy, Tim, Tom and the lovely Bridgett. It was 41 degrees hot and my head was melting.

Mid December 2007, New Zeeland

My first time on the southern island of New Zeeland was one of the best times of my life. I came back to Christchurch not really to work, but mainly to see the country again as a tourist. I went to Rotarua and chilled out in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Early December 2007, Los Angeles

usa.gifA week is not enough time to hang out with Robin but that's all we had. He was bogged down with design jobs for television so we spent the days in his office where I spent time on my new promo video. The evening was spent drinking beer, eating sushi and playing pool ball with a tazer.

I also took some days to visit the Magic Castle in Hollywood again and see the shows and Luke who was performing that week.

Late November 2007, Vegas Baby!

I went with my friend Pedro Tochas from Minifest straight to Vegas. We were joined by dear colleague Robin Spehar and spent a week watching shows, playing poker and living on the edge. At one point we watched three Cirque de Soleil grand spectacles in two days. My fondest memories are from the show Ka, the buffet in the Bellagio and Robin going all enthusiastic about stuff.

After they left I hooked up with young master mindreader Luke Jermay. Luke has one of the brightest minds in magic and delivers the deadly combination of being great on stage as well. I spent two more weeks in Vegas playing poker and hanging out with Luke and his friends. Thanks Luke. Good times!

November 2007, Minifest, USA

usa.gifbaltimore2007.jpgMinifest is a workshow for professional performers lasting for 5 days 24/7. It was one of the best things I've done for my performing skills for a long time and I'll definitely go back next year if I can. It was made even more fun by the presence of Magic Brian and Pedro Tochas, dear friends and colleagues.

I also performed in a Baltimore theatre as part of the festival show.

November 2007, New York, USA

usa.gifI started my 3rd tour round the globe with two weeks in New York staying with very funny Magic Brian and very lovely Jacqueline Raposo. I φ New York!

October 23 - 2007, Spegeln Teater, Gavle - Sweden

My good friend Johan Wellton asked me to act as a warmup act in Spegeln Teater, a really nice Theatre in Gävle. I always enjoy working in swedish, something I get to do far too seldom and it was a really lovely show. Thank you Johan and everyone that showed up. The review says: "...the magician Charlie Caper opened the evening. Skillful magic was performed with the same charm as Johan Wellton and that's why Charlie Caper felt like a natural element in this cultural event."
Marie Björk, of newspaper "Gävle Dagblad" 24/10. The show got 5 stars.

October 22 - 2007, Stockholm - Sweden

I did a show in medieval restaurant "Sjätte tunnan" in Stockholms Old Town. Organised by my entertainer friend Martin it was a really good night.

Early October - 2007, Caceres - Spain

My fourth Intermagia Festival in Spain working with mainly the same artists as in Valladolid. Omar Pasha and Mad Martin were added to our merry band of magicians. I added in two new tricks into my show (which happens very, very seldom I might say) and they were both great so I'm very happy about that. I also managed an extremely big show part of which can be seen here on the right. A better picture of that show will come here later.

Late September - 2007, Valladolid - Spain

I was on my third Intermagia Festival in Spain working with a list of some of my favourite magicians on this Planet. Organized by Paulino Gil I performed alongside Steve Faulkner, Dr Marrax, Civi Civiak, Norbert Ferre, Danny Cole, Daba, Victor Voitko and last but not least Luis de Matos. It was a real pleasure hanging out with these guys again, my performances were really good and I put a new trick into the show which works really well, so I'm very excited about it. I really love working in Spain and I'm already looking forward to my next time here which will most certainly be in the spring.

Late Aug, early Sept - 2007, Switzerland

I worked at a couple of festivals in Switzerland including the Teaterspektakel and Basel Lebt and travelled around a lot. I also saw my old friend Brian Bruno, an extremely talented musician for the first time in a few years which was great. Also I made some new friends in Argentinan couple Arte el Paso who performs with music and puppets and storytelling. Their show is very sweet and they are great people too.


Late Aug - 2007, Edinburgh Fringe Festival
scotland.gifOnce more into the fray my friends! My great friend Robin Spehar convinced me to again turn my nose to Edinburgh and the greatest arts festival in the world. It was to be my third year here and I had a fantastic time as per usual. I met up with old friends, had a few pints and did a few shows. Thanks everyone that helped make my 2007 festival. A highlight for me was winning the Various Poker Tournament which felt great after having finished just short of winning the Buskers World Poker Tournament of 2006 but being taken out on the finish line with an Ace-high flush while JP was sitting on a straight flush. 2007 gave me the sweet taste of victory :)
Early August - 2007, Visby - Sweden

A performer friend of mine Martin Hansson convinced me to visit the medieval week in Visby. The great big man got me a place to stay and organized medieval clothing for me and a nightly gig at the best restaurant of the festival "Bittra Haren" (directly translated "The Bitter Hare". Visby is a whole week with a medieval theme in a very old city which was one the main trading posts of northern Europe during the middle ages. The whole thing was great and I met fun performers apart from Martin such as Arkadia and Jocke.

Early August - 2007, Stockholm - Sweden
finkultur.jpgsweden.gifI was booked for a show in Stockholm on a Saturday evening called Klubb Finkultur (Club Fine Arts), a club whose slogan directly translated is that they want to show "the lowest of the fine arts and the finest of the low arts" (my translation). This night held my friend Johan Wellton as MC, a band whose name slips my memory, me, some guys from a theatre festival and Slowmotion Phax, a genius dancer and street performer who I keep bumping into. It was the organisers second night ever of the club so they are still learning what works in their venue and not which caused it to be not a very consistently paced show. The organisers are however smart and passionate and I'm sure in a year it'll really rock.
Late June - 2007, Norway
norway.gifHaving never been to Norway in my entire life and encountering some inhabitants of this old country while on holiday in Mexico I decided to visit and work a bit. I might have hooked up with a comedy festival for mid August there and I sure made some new friends.
Mid June - 2007, Denmark
denmark.gifI was in Copenhagen doing a couple of shows in the rain. Who shows up in the middle of my show if not the singer of Metallica, James Hetfield with his family. He was laughing the whole way through and sent his daughters forward to put money in my hat at the end.
Early July 2007, Bath - England
england.gifI got booked by JJ, one of Britains finest magicians and more than that, one of Britains finest inhabitants to perform on his 60th birthday shindig. How could I say no to such an invite. It was quite a large affair and I did a very enjoyable show enhanced by a maybe four year old little girl who was heckling me with hilarious comments. Thanks for the party JJ.
Late June 2007, Germany, France, Switzerland

france.gifswitzerland.gifTouring central Europe doing street shows.

Mid June 2007, Dublin - Ireland

In Ireland I was booked as an act for the Street Performance World Championship to perform over ten shows. It's a festival that only brings in really fantastic acts and most of the other acts were legends and heroes of mine. This year I was proud to rub shoulders with Gamarjobat, Mario - Queen of the Circus, The Raspyni Brothers, Popeyed, Daredevil Chicken Club, El Gleno Grande and the Space Cowboy plus a couple more, all world class acts.

A 'Magic Corner" was created near the entrance of the festival park specifically for me and fellow street magician Kenneth Lightfoot and it was full to the brim from morning til evening of happy festival goers. It was some of the best audiences I've ever had and they loved every second of the show. It was so packed, at one point the festival organisers had to ask me to tell the audience they're not allowed to climb trees or lampposts to be able to see since they could fall down and hurt themselves. I recommend anyone to make it to Dublin for the festival next year as you will see some of the best shows of your life.

My other highlights of the festival includes:
The Daredevil Chickens going to the pub in clown costume since they didn't have time to change.
El Gleno Grande telling funny stories about friends in common.
The fact that despite I was not entered in the competition for world champion, the voting booths were overrun by people trying to vote for me anyway and the festival organisers showed me a box afterwards full of voting slips with words like: 'I want to vote for Charlie the magician' scrawled next to the official voting options. That warms a performers heart even more than an irish coffee.
Early June 2007, New York

I went to New York to work, network and hang out with friends. I was living with good friend Silly Billy, probably the best childrens magician in the world and with fellow street performer Magic Brian. I love New York!!!

Mid May 2007, Switzerland

The greatest street magician that ever lived is a man called Jim Cellini. He is now retired and lives is Switzerland with his amazing wife Marianne. Last year they invited me to come to Switzerland and now was the time, so i spent ten days with them in Switzerland, talking about life, drinking coffee and doing the odd magic show in Zurich. I will never forget their hospitality, friendliness and stories. I'll see you soon again guys!

April 26-29 2007, Salamanca - Spain

I took part in the great festival Intermagia Salamanca 2007 organized by Paulino Gil. I got to work with some fantastic magicians including Luis De Matos, Omar Pasha, Julius Frack, Steve Faulkner, Dream Makers, Civi Civiak, Alberto De Figueredo, Mahka Tendo and JJ. It was a fantastic time with new and old friends in one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited.

Mid April 2007, Gävle - Sweden

I'm heading up to Johan Welltons hideout Fabriken in Gävle for two weeks to create and rehearse a new show.

Early April 2007, Spain

I did some shows in Granada in the south and Madrid in the middle. Upon leaving I'm already looking forward to going back to this lovely country and luckily I'll be back in a few weeks.

Feb and March 2007, Mexico

I'm in Mexico on a holiday with a lot of surfing and a bit of shows. I ended up doing shows in restaurants, hotels, in the street and a charity gig. I had a great time and now that I've made the contacts over there I'm planning to go back in the autumn for a month or two. That clear blue carribean water is calling...

January 2007, Sweden and Denmark

denmark.gifJust spending some time with my parents and working on a new promo video.

New Year - 2006-2007, Madrid - Spain

Happy New Year everyone!!!!



December 28-30, Leon - Spain

I was lucky enough to be invited to perform at the III Festival de Magia Ciudad de León in Spain organized by Juan Mayoral - a fantastic Spanish magician with quite a bit of fame among magicians. I did nine shows and got got to hang out with some very cool magicians. I am very happy with the way that my shows went and how I managed to still be really funny even with my limited Spanish language skills. Juan and his guys took really good care of me. Thank you so much Juan.

December 15 - 2006, Stockholm - Sweden

There's a variety show called Salong Giraff in Orionteatern, one of Stockholms nicest theatres. It's a wild beast of a show I loved to be in it. There was some funny acts and two really good air acrobatics acts. I also saw a lot of old friends there like half the cast from Johan Wellton's variety show and a couple of Stockholms best magicians Axel, Leif, Anders, Stefan and John. Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Mid December - 2006, Malmo - Sweden

Saunas are lovely. And my parents have one in their house :) This is where I intend to spend as much time as possible before Christmas. I'm also doing magic in Casino Cosmopol Malmö, performing in Gävle for the city council and in Stockholm in a theatre and more... Just after christmas it looks like I've got another three day gig in Spain.

December 7 - 2006, Malmo - Sweden
meAndMalin.jpgsweden.gifI took the train back from Stockholm and despite the very early departure time it was pleasant. I far prefer it to flying. Tonight I'm doing a show with Malin Nilsson - a very talented magician. Her act is shock full of character and lovely little touches perfectly timed to good music. I'm looking forward to this show with her and Singe - one of Swedens best pianists and a great guy too.
Early December - 2006, Stockholm - Sweden
jwFriendsCrowd.jpgsweden.gifHere are some reviews of Johans variety show I was part of in newspapers:
"[akter]...framförda med skicklighet, ackuratess och spänningsmoment som inte lämnar så mycket i övrigt att önska. Men så är det också en vältränad och meriterad ensemble, som öppnat möjligheterna till enastående karriärer på estraderna.", (Stefan Andersson - Gefle Dagblad)
"Trollkarlen Charlie Caper, med fingrar lika flinka som Joe Labero...", (Stefan Andersson - Gefle Dagblad)
...en otroligt charmig trollkarl iklädd fluga som kan få meloner att dyka upp i hans hatt.", (Jon Wahlqvist - Arbetarbladet)

Translations of the reviews: (Translated verbatim by me)

[acts]...performed with skill, accuracy and moments of tension that does not leave much else to wish for. But then it is a well trained and merited ensemble, that has opened opportunities for outstanding careers on the stages."
(Stefan Andersson - Gefle Dagblad)

The magician Charlie Caper, with fingers as dextrous as Joe Labero[The most famous magician in Sweden, my note]."
(Stefan Andersson - Gefle Dagblad) unbelievably charming magician wearing bowtie who can make melons appear in his hat. "
(Jon Wahlqvist - Arbetarbladet)
Early December - 2006, Gävle - Sweden
jwfriends.jpgsweden.gifThings are incredibly good. Yesterday was the last show in Gävle Teater where I have performed in a variety show for three days with my friend Johan Wellton and it's been a damn fine time. We got incredible reactions from the audience and played to a full house with standing ovations every night. And I have gotten to work with a motley crew of very talented and lovely people. Today we all went to the swimming pool and fooled around in the pools and relaxed in the saunas. Now that it's over I'm not sure if I should be happy we finished with such a success or cry that we're all going home. It feels good knowing that it won't be long before I see these wonderful people again. We also have big plans for the future.
Late November - 2006, Gävle - Sweden
sweden.gifI'm in Gävle, a city two hours north of Stockholm to perform in a fantastic variety show. As of writing we are in the middle of rehearsals and the show will be amazing. I'm very proud to be part of it and Johan Wellton, the organizer has managed to round up some amazing acts. I'll write more when we have had our premier night.
November - 2006, England

In England I attended the fantastic International Magic Convention. As always it was a lovely reunion with old and new friends over lots of beer and coffee and card tricks. I again got a chance to see the amazing Jim Cellini - the legend in street magic and a great inspiration as an artist and as a man. It's an honour to sit at his table and hear his greater than life stories from his travels. I'll see you again Jim when spring comes back and the snow melts.

November - 2006, Italy

For my first time I worked in Italy. I haven't been there for ten years and I enjoyed coming back. It was gorgeous! The people, the atmosphere, and the food...

I was extremely impressed by Venice and the fact it's a normal city that works completely without cars. Noone has a car in the city and life still fuctions normally and the lack of noise and stress is sweetly noticable.

October - 2006, Sweden

I decided to spend 6 weeks at home in Sweden with my parents. It's been a great time, I've rehearsed and developed lots of new material and spent lots of time with friends. It has also been restful and I have recovered from a very long and hard season.

September - 2006, Spain

It is the 13th year for fabulous magic festival Jornadas Internacionales De Magia in Spain. I'm working together with some of the best magicians in the world and frankly I'm very proud to be here. I did my show in Spanish for the first time with mixed results. It was fun though and the week after in Madrid I was able to properly do my show in Spanish. It was so much fun and it's good to know that those two years of studying the language in school were not wasted.

August - 2006, Edinburgh

Edinburgh during the fringe festival is the most fun place to be in the world. So there was no question I was to return this year. An amazing time was had and I did an insane amount of street shows and saw lots of great shows in theatres. At Fringe Sunday in the meadows i did what in terms of sheer space used was by far the biggest street show I've ever done. The crowd were so far away I would have had trouble throwing a rock at them. I had borrowed a legendary amplifier from legendary colleague JP and was blasting the crowd with sound and magic. Not bad for a little magic show from Sweden. Bets are I'll be back next year.

Early August - 2006, World Championships Of Magic, Stockholm

I was engaged to organize street magic at the World Championships Of Magic held every three years and this time in Stockholm. I gathered a motley crew of the best street magicians in the world and and we descended upon the city. It was Nick Nickolas, James James, Kenny Lightfoot and myself. Also there but performing in theatre settings were the two real street magic legends, Cellini and Gazzo. Our team did several street shows a day for the whole of the festival and the days before it. It was great fun to be there and see old friends, watch the competition and finish second in the unofficial world magicians poker tournament.

Late July - 2006, Lisboa

I'm at Lisboamagica, Street Magic World Festival. It's a gig where I'm performing with some fantastic magicians and I'm very excited. I've done good shows and I've had so much inspiration from my colleagues and have already tried out some new ideas on stage. Thanks Luis and the team for letting me come to Portugal again. It's been great.

July - 2006, Scandinavia

I have tried to get some holiday time with friends and have performed at the Scandinavian Jazz Festivals. It's been a good time and I have learnt to do backwards somersaults into the water at the beach with visiting cirkus performers Jouni and Victor.

Mid June - 2006, London

I worked for the London Architecture Biennale and it was great fun. Good audiences and a lovely day. Someone was selling ice cold slices of watermelon and that hit the spot of the cherry on the pie. Thanks Emma and the architechture guys.

Late May / early June - 2006, Scandinavia

I'm here on a mission to work more in my home part of the world so that I can spend more time with old friends and family. So far it has been ok I guess and I'm writing this sitting on a flight to Stockholm for a meeting with the organizers of FISM 2006 - the world convention of magic where I will make sure street shows are happening. I'm going to scout out good places to work and make sure everything is sorted with Stockholm City Council.

Late May 2006, Brighton England

Back in Europe! I did a charity gig for UNICEF in conjunction with the Lamborghini SuperCar Celebration the other day in Brighton and it fell apart a bit from horrible weather. I'm trying not to despair but of my last 15 days of performance outdoors 9 days have been pouring down. I'm praying this is not a trend here to stay. In the evening I went to visit good friends working in the Famous Spiegeltent - an amazing portable variety show venue and nightclub, and had an amazing time. I wish I could have stayed with them longer.

Mid May 2006, Hitachi Japan

The Hitachi Daidogei was really nice. I met many of the performers from Korea again and despite rain the first day it was still sweet. Sometimes it's nice to have to step under a little ceiling and do a tiny show for thirty real enthusiasts while the rain is pouring a few metres away. The second day had splendid weather and I'm really enjoying it and learning constantly about doing shows when noone understands what I'm saying. It's great as I can feel a more visual style developing within me. I wonder what will have happened to my performance when I get back to English speaking countries.

Early May 2006, Ansan Korea

In Korea to work a three day festival. I learnt two sentences in korean and I also leant that it is very difficult to find vegetarian food in Korea. The country was sweet and I did some huge shows outside and some lovely ones in a theatre.

Early May 2006, Guma Japan

I am in Guma with Funny Bones and Herbie Treehead and Hashimoto-san. It's a lovely little country fair and the first shows are gorgeous. We do three shows each which adds up to nine and I think it's the same audience watching every single show. He he. It was a nice time and I got to play some ping-pong with Chris and try a Japanese onsen, hot water bath.

Later in March 2006, Melbourne

Thousands of tourists have descended on Melbourne to watch the Commonwealth Games. I am one of 25 with a license to do streetshows and starting from St Patrick's day they are cracking shows indeed. I am working alongside Arizona Jones, Jules, Robin, Akron, Bikeboy and Scoot, eating well and drinking lots of the black Irish gold.

March 2006, Adelaide

The Adelaide Fringe Festival has been so much fun. I have met Johan Wellton, and Tina, the only other international Street performers from Sweden for the first time. Strange that we all would meet at the other side of the world. About 25 of my friends were in Adelaide for the festival and every day was lots of fun. I did some incredible shows. I were also hired by the staff of the Spiegeltent to teach them swingdancing of all things. It was a big success and now I will always have people to dance with in the Spiegel.

Feb 2006, Australia

Australia day 2006 was incredible in Sydney. I did 3 really big shows for a loving crowd and hung out with fellow London performer The Great Dave. In the evening I went to a party with some performers in Darling Harbour, watched the fireworks and drank some really good single malt. It's what life is about.

Jan later 2006, Cook Islands

I went to Rarotonga of the Cook Islands and ended up doing a nice show in a restaurant called the Waterline. The owner, a great old fisherman called Chris who had some incredible tales to tell put a funny ad in the paper and it went down really well.



19 Nov 2005, Portugal
portugal.gifI was again flown to Portugal to perform near Lisboa. Working for one of Portugals biggest production companies Luis de Matos Productions I was part of the show which also included de Matos himself and my personal hero Lennart Green. Lennart is one of the most famous people among magicians and certainly the most famous swede. Being part of a show with him and Luis de Matos was a great honour and pure pleasure. I had a brilliant time!
3 Oct 2005, The Magic Circle, London

I performed at The Magic Circle headquarters in London. It was a great opportunity for me to show the English magicians what kind of performer I had become since arriving in London a few years earlier.

30 Sept 2005, Southport, England

At the British magic convention in Southport I performed in the Arts Centre Theatre on the Banquet Evening with Tim Smithies. I did my normal set and Tim juggled axes and had a spectator hit him with a hammer. It was a great show. Afterwards I was asked to perform at The Magic Circle a few days later.

13-18 Sept 2005, Coimbra, Portugal

Engaged by Luis de Matos to perform on Encontros Magicos, a magic festival spanning a week in Portugal. I did about 15 public shows including one in a prison and five minutes on live national television. Doing magic on live TV for the first time was quite scary. Five million people were would have spotted any mistake. Luis gave me some great advice before the shoot and I am very happy with what I did. Leaving Portugal was sad and I hope to be back soon again.

August 2005, Edinburgh, Scotland
scotland.gif Performing at the Edinburgh festival every day for the whole of the festival. This was the most fun I've ever had. I love Edinburgh and I highly recommend you all to go.
Summer 2005, Around Europe

I did street shows and gigs all over the place this summer.

May 2005, Melbourne, Australia

I was on Australian Television with a 10 min spot on Champagne Comedy on Channel 31, one of the world's longest running comedy shows. My friend Nick Nickolas got me a gig as a warm up act and the producer liked me and gave me the TV spot a month after.

April 2005, Tokyo, Japan

japan.gifIn Japan I performed twice at magic convention Japan Cup 2005 to great reactions.

24 March 2005, Singapore

While being engaged during february in Singapore I took part in the Close-Up Magic Competition at the big Singapore IF Magic Convention and finished 2nd of ten participants from all over Asia. First and third places were won by Jeremy Pei and Nique Tan, two extremely talented magicians and very good friends.

Summer 1993, Sweden
I had my first paid gig in Malmo, my home town in Sweden. I did magic, juggled and rode a unicycle. It was a messy, terrible performance and I loved every second of it.